Appalam Vendaya Kuzhambu

Vendaya Kuzhambu is a very popular, tangy and traditional gravy variety in Tamilnadu cuisine. It is a very simple dish and can be made in minutes with the simplest of ingredients from the anjarai petti / masala dabba. This kuzhambu/gravy is prepared by cooking the tamarind extract in roasted lentils , methi seeds and spices. The tangy flavour of tamarind and the slight bitterness from methi seeds are well complemented by the addition of red chillies and jaggery. The final addition of appalam/pappadams to the gravy is optional and gives a rich and glossy texture and appearance. Vendaya Kuzhambu is commonly served with steamed rice and a dash of ghee.

Palak Channa Pulav / Spinach Chickpea Pulav

Palak Channa Pulav Рa healthy, flavourful and nutritious meal perfect for lunch boxes and travel. Spinach is known for its rich nutrients and minerals. Chickpeas are a nutrient dense food packed with protein, dietary fibre, folate and other minerals. A combination of spinach and chickpeas along with rice makes it a one pot balanced meal. This flavourful pulav is prepared by tossing the cooked rice along with saut̩ed onion, tomato, spinach, pressure cooked chickpeas and few spice powders & masala paste. This palak channa pulav can be served with onion or cucumber raita.

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