Rajma Paneer Pulav

Rajma Paneer Pulav – a nutritious, protein packed wholesome meal. This rajma pulav is prepared by cooking the red kidney beans and basmati rice along with onion, tomato and few spices. This flavourful rajma pulav is perfect for lunch boxes and can be served with raita.

Capsicum Masala Rice

This is a delicious and spicy masala rice made from green bell peppers. It is very different from the pulav rice and demands a different set of roasting and grinding fresh spices. This simple yet scrumptious one pot meal is prepared by cooking the rice along with diced bell peppers and flavoured with freshly ground spice powders. The addition of roasted cashews and peanuts give a rich, crunchy & nutty flavour to the dish. It can be served with raita or pappadams.

Rice Dhal vegetable KitchAdi

Rice dhal vegetable kitchadi is a hearty, comforting one pot meal that is very easy to digest. Many of us overindulge during holiday season or during winter months. According to Ayurvedic medicine, eating kitchadi is one of the best ways to detox and balance the digestive system. It is a simple yet delicious & nourishing meal and is usually made by cooking rice and dhal together, topped with ghee. To make it more wholesome, I have included both the yellow moong dhal and green gram dhal along with few vegetables. It is best served with pappadam or pickle.

Methi Pulav

Methi Pulav is a nutritious and flavourful one pot meal, perfect for travel and lunch boxes. The methi leaves or fenugreek leaves are a powerhouse of nutrition since they are rich in iron, Vitamin C, A and other minerals. It has myriad of health benefits, including regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol. Methi leaves have a slight bitter taste which can be over powered by adding the right amount of spices & following few tricks and tips. There are several ways to include this nutritious methi leaves in the diet (Methi paratha, Methi adai, Methi millet adai/dosa, Methi raita, Methi Kootu, Methi masiyal, Methi sambar& much more) . Today’s recipe, Methi pulav is prepared by tossing the cooked rice along with methi masala paste and some spices.

Tawa Pulav

Tawa pulav is a one pot Indian meal and is a very common street food in India. Unlike the biryani and other pulav varieties, this dish does not require any grinding of masala paste. It is a quick and easy to do recipe and requires simple ingredients which are readily available in every Indian house. The rice and the vegetables are tossed and cooked along with the readily available spice powders. The dominant spice powder in this dish is the pav bhaji masala powder which is a blend of different spices. This recipe is very simple and can be easily prepared by even beginners. It is a perfect dish to pack for lunch boxes. For this recipe, I just followed the food blog ‘Dassana’s Veg Recipes’ (with subtle changes).