Paruppu Podi / Spiced Lentil Powder

Paruppu Podi / Spiced Lentil Powder – a simple yet authentic and sumptuous spiced lentil powder that is packed with flavours and aroma. Home made podis/ powders are quite popular and traditional in South India as they come in handy when you prefer to have home cooked meals but do not have much time to cook. Paruppu podi is one such condiment that can be prepared well ahead and stored for days/ months. It is a simple blend of roasted lentils and spices and is best served along with steamed white rice and a teaspoon of sesame oil or ghee.

Three Herbs Multipurpose Spice Powder

Three Herbs Multipurpose Spice Powder – a healthy and versatile spice blend made from fresh culinary herbs, lentils and spices. As the title suggests, this is a multipurpose herb spice powder with an aromatic flavour and grainy texture. When sprinkled on select dishes, it enhances the flavour & texture, and increases the nutritional profile of the dish.

Ellu Podi / Sesame Seeds Spice Powder

Ellu Podi / Sesame Seeds Spice Powder – a healthy and flavourful condiment / chutney powder that pairs well with idli / dosa / steamed rice. Sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, iron and other vitamins and minerals. Sesame seeds when roasted gives a wonderful aroma and enhances the flavour to the dish. This ellu podi/ chutney powder is a healthy alternative to the regular idli milagai podi / chutney powder and is prepared by dry roasting and grinding the sesame seeds, urad dhal and red chillies. This spice powder has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. This Ellu podi / sesame seeds chutney powder can be served with idli /dosa / steamed rice.

Curry Leaves powder /karivepillai podi

Curry leaves are an essential ingredient in all South Indian dishes because of its aromatic and unique flavour. Apart from its aromatic flavour, they are well known for medicinal value. Most of the South Indian dishes are garnished with sprigs of curry leaves along with coriander leaves. But they are often hand picked and neglected while serving/ dining because of its bitter taste. Unlike the raw curry leaves, the curry leaves powder tastes delicious and can be served with steamed ghee rice, or as an accompaniment to idli or dosa. The bitterness and raw flavour of curry leaves are altered / masked by roasting and powdering it along with few other lentils and spices. Roasting and powdering this way also increases the shelf life of the curry leaves powder.