Ragi Peas Paratha / Finger Millet Stuffed Flatbread

Ragi Peas Paratha – a healthy, gluten-free Indian flatbread made from ragi flour/finger millet, stuffed with boiled peas, ginger, garlic and few other spices. Ragi / Finger millet is a diabetic friendly whole grain and is packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, E, B- complex, iron and calcium. This gluten-free grain is known for its rich fibre content and hence is an excellent substitute to the regular cereals and grains such as rice, wheat and barley. Ragi flour as such has a rustic and earthy taste and hence stuffing it with masala peas balances the texture, flavour and taste. Serve this ragi peas paratha with a cup of yoghurt / tadka dhal / subzi.