Apple Pickle

Pickles are an integral part of Indian cuisine. Generally, the fruit or vegetable is soaked in generous amount of oil, chilli powder and salt apart from few other ingredients. The excess sesame oil and salt act as a natural preservative in home made pickles unlike in store bought pickles that has preservatives. One another main ingredient that is classic and unique in Indian pickles is methi powder made by roasting and grinding the methi seeds. The methi powder in pickles acts as a coolant and balances the heat produced by spices. Apple pickle tastes more like mango pickles. So when you have excess apples lingering in your fridge, or if you are craving for mango pickles during winter months, try making this quick and delicious apple pickle. Choose apples that are sour like green apples, or any red variety that has some sour taste.


Pesarattu is a crepe-like breakfast/ dinner variety similar to regular dosa. It is a protein rich healthy breakfast item since it has green gram dhal and less rice. It is a popular breakfast dish in Andhra cuisine and is traditionally served with rave upma/kitchadi stuffed inside the crepe. For vegetarians like me, incorporating protein in the diet is a bit challenging since most of the south Indian recipes include rice as the main ingredient. Pesarattu is an exception as it is protein rich. This healthy variety of crepe and can be served with chutney / sambarĀ / idli milagaipodi

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