Aval Pori Urundai /Puffed Rice Balls

Aval Pori Urundai /Puffed Rice Balls / Murmura Ladoo – a traditional ‘neiveidhyam’ dish prepared on the festive occasion of Karthigai Deepam. Sweets made with jaggery is part of rich Indian cultural heritage and is often prepared on special occasions. This sweet is prepared by melting the jaggery to form a syrup with rolling ball consistency, mixed with puffed rice and shaped into balls. A crunchy bite of this Aval Pori Urundai tastes heavenly and is a festive treat to your palate.

Mysore Rasam

Mysore Rasam – an aromatic, flavourful and comforting rasam. Rasam is a traditional South Indian soup /broth served as a side dish with rice. The speciality of this Mysore rasam is the use of freshly made mysore rasam powder made by roasting and grinding few spices along with trace amount of coconut. Addition of coconut in rasam powder is quite unusual but gives a distinct and aromatic flavour. This refreshing and soothing Mysore rasam can be served along with hot steamed rice with a dash of ghee.

Thenguzhal Murukku

Thenguzhal Murukku

Thenguzhal Murukku – a traditional and popular festive savoury / snack made with rice flour and urad dhal flour. Thenguzhal murukku is most often made during festive occasions like Diwali and Krishna Jayanthi. The highlight of this thenguzhal murukku is the crunchiness, unsymmetrical shape and flavour derived from simple ingredients. This festive snack is a delight to munch along with tea / coffee and is very addictive.

Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla – soft and fluffy instant savoury cake made from gram flour. These delightfully warm, feathery and velvety khaman dhokla can be made in minutes using gram flour and a leavening agent. These delectable steamed cakes can be served as a snack or as an appetizer along with green chutney.

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