Mango Rice Kheer

Mango Rice Kheer / Indian Style Mango Rice Pudding

Mango Rice Kheer / Indian Style Mango Rice Pudding – a luscious Indian dessert with a tropical & fruity twist perfect for summer weather. Traditional rice kheer is prepared by cooking rice along with milk, sugar, cardamom and nutmeg powder. The addition of mango puree to this rice kheer gives a tropical twist with exotic flavours to this dessert. This fruity kheer can be served warm or cold according to your preference.

Gobi Mutter White Kurma / Cauliflower Peas White Kurma

Gobi Mutter White Kurma – a delectable and flavour-packed South Indian style cauliflower & peas kurma. The highlight of this kurma is the white base gravy that is procured from grinding a generous amount of fresh coconut, cashews and poppy seeds. The addition of coconut imparts a fresh aroma and distinct flavour that is soothing to the senses and to the palate. This white kurma pairs well with all Indian flat breads like chappathi / paratha , puffed breads like poori, South Indian pancakes like appam or string hoppers like Idiyappam.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka – a delicious and popular starter made with Indian cottage cheese. The soft and chewy paneer cubes and veggies are marinated in a yoghurt based marinade, flavoured with an array of spices, threaded in skewers and grilled to perfection.

Karivepplilai Kuzhambu (Curry Leaves cooked In Tamarind Gravy)

Karivepillai Kuzhambu / Curry leaves cooked in tamarind gravy – a delicious and healthy South Indian tamarind based kuzhambu/gravy with the goodness of curry leaves. Curry leaves are one of the quintessential ingredient in South Indian cuisine. In Indian cuisine, a handful of fresh curry leaves are in general used while tempering the dish so as to impart a fresh aromatic flavour to the dish. But this curry leaves kuzhambu includes a bunch of fresh curry leaves that are roasted and grounded along with few spices and simmered in a tamarind based gravy. This aromatic and nutritious karivepillai kuzhambu can be served with steamed rice with a dash of ghee.

Panchratna Dhal

Panchratna dhal – a culinary masterpiece among the other dhal varieties in Royal Mughalai and Persian cuisine served as an accompaniment for Indian flatbreads. It is also called Panchmel dhal in Rajasthani cuisine. As the title suggests, this dhal is an amalgam of five types of lentils, each one rendering a unique texture and flavour making this dish exquisite and nutritious. This Panchratna dhal can be paired with rotis / paratha / steamed rice.

Veg Kolhapuri

Veg Kolhapuri

Veg Kohlapuri – a healthy, spicy and semidry mixed vegetable Maharashtrian delicacy that is served as an accompaniment for Indian flat breads. The highlight of this dish is the freshly prepared kolhapuri masala powder that imparts this dish with an exquisite taste, fragrance and aromatic flavour. A choice of mixed vegetables are steamed, tossed and simmered along with the freshly prepared Kolhapuri masala. This aromatic and flavourful Veg Kolhapuri can be served with chappathi / paratha / steamed rice.

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