Rajma Cutlet / Red Kidney Bean Patties

Rajma Cutlet / Red Kidney Pattie – a nutritious and delicious starter made with red kidney beans, potatoes and spices. Red kidney beans are one of the healthiest beans since they are packed with protein and fibre rich content. These delectable cutlets / patties can be served as an evening snack / starter or as a healthy vegetarian pattie for burgers.

Ellu Podi / Sesame Seeds Spice Powder

Ellu Podi / Sesame Seeds Spice Powder – a healthy and flavourful condiment / chutney powder that pairs well with idli / dosa / steamed rice. Sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, iron and other vitamins and minerals. Sesame seeds when roasted gives a wonderful aroma and enhances the flavour to the dish. This ellu podi/ chutney powder is a healthy alternative to the regular idli milagai podi / chutney powder and is prepared by dry roasting and grinding the sesame seeds, urad dhal and red chillies. This spice powder has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. This Ellu podi / sesame seeds chutney powder can be served with idli /dosa / steamed rice.

Mango Salad

Mango Salad – a healthy, heart warming and vibrant mango salad with refreshing cucumbers, red onions and bell peppers. The thinly sliced mangoes, cucumbers, red onions and bell peppers are tossed and infused with a lime vinaigrette dressing.

Ragi Peas Paratha / Finger Millet Stuffed Flatbread

Ragi Peas Paratha – a healthy, gluten-free Indian flatbread made from ragi flour/finger millet, stuffed with boiled peas, ginger, garlic and few other spices. Ragi / Finger millet is a diabetic friendly whole grain and is packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, E, B- complex, iron and calcium. This gluten-free grain is known for its rich fibre content and hence is an excellent substitute to the regular cereals and grains such as rice, wheat and barley. Ragi flour as such has a rustic and earthy taste and hence stuffing it with masala peas balances the texture, flavour and taste. Serve this ragi peas paratha with a cup of yoghurt / tadka dhal / subzi.

Rava Dosa / Semolina Crepe

Rava dosa Рa thin, crispy and delectable crepe made from rava/sooji and rice flour. This is an instant dosa and can be made within few minutes. Rava aka sooji or semolina has a distinct taste and gives a crunchy bite to this dosa. This instant rava dosa is made by mixing the rava/sooji, rice flour and maida/all purpose flour with water and yoghurt to make a thin dosa batter. This thin batter is then poured over a hot tawa/griddle, drizzled with oil to get a thin, crispy golden brown crepe. The addition of saut̩ed onions, ginger, herbs and other seasoning gives an extra crunch and flavour to this dosa. Serve this rava dosa with piping hot sambar or chutney.

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer – a trendy and delicious Indo-Chinese starter that is popular in Indian restaurants. The paneer aka Indian Cottage cheese is coated with corn flour and then shallow fried. The fried paneer is then tossed in a flavourful spicy sauce mixture. This chilli paneer can be served as a starter or as an accompaniment to main course.

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