Veg Kolhapuri

Veg Kolhapuri

Veg Kohlapuri – a healthy, spicy and semidry mixed vegetable Maharashtrian delicacy that is served as an accompaniment for Indian flat breads. The highlight of this dish is the freshly prepared kolhapuri masala powder that imparts this dish with an exquisite taste, fragrance and aromatic flavour. A choice of mixed vegetables are steamed, tossed and simmered along with the freshly prepared Kolhapuri masala. This aromatic and flavourful Veg Kolhapuri can be served with chappathi / paratha / steamed rice.

Palak Paneer Bites / Spinach- Indian Cottage Cheese Bites

Palak Paneer Bites / Spinach & Indian Cottage Cheese Bites – a delectable Indian snack / starter. These visually tempting palak paneer bites are easy to prepare and can be made within minutes. It is prepared by mixing grated paneer, finely chopped spinach leaves, green chillies, ginger and a binding agent namely corn flour. The ingredients are mixed well and made into small round balls, flattened and shallow fried in oil. These palak paneer bites can be served with tomato ketchup or mint flavoured yoghurt dip.

Stuffed Okra

Stuffed Okra / Stuffed Bhindi

Stuffed Okra Рa flavourful Indian dry curry where the okra is stuffed with a spicy masala. The okra is slit vertically and is stuffed with a peanut flavoured spicy masala powder and is saut̩ed until golden brown. This delicious stuffed okra can be served as an accompaniment to Indian flat breads like chappathi / parathas.

Sesame Rasam / Ellu Rasam

Sesame Rasam / Ellu Rasam – a healthy, flavourful and comforting rasam. Sesame seeds are packed with nutrients and are an excellent source of manganese and calcium that helps keep the bones strong and healthy. This soothing rasam is prepared by roasting and grinding the sesame seeds along with peppercorns, cumin seeds and few other spices. The freshly grounded paste is then added to tamarind and tomato extract and is simmered for few minutes. This refreshing rasam can be served along with steamed rice with a dash of ghee.

Hariyali Poha

Hariyali Poha – flattened rice cooked in green masala paste. Hariyali poha is a delicious and healthy breakfast dish prepared with flattened rice that is cooked along with onions, green peas and green masala paste.

Street Style Chutney

Street Style Chutney – a simple and quick to make condiment that is very popular along road side restaurants in South India. This delicious chutney has a medley of flavours – subtle zing and sharpness from the raw ginger, garlic & small onions ; tangy flavour from tamarind & tomato ; heat from red chillies and aromatic flavour from curry leaves and coriander leaves. The addition of roasted channa dhal gives volume to the chutney, complements and balances the different flavours. This street style chutney can be served as an accompaniment for Idli / Dosa / Rava dosa / Ven Pongal

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