Badam Kheer / Almond Kheer

Badam kheer or Almond kheer is a refreshing , flavourful & delicious Indian dessert. The almond paste is cooked in milk along with saffron, cardamom and nutmeg. This nourishing Indian dessert can be served cold or warm depending on the climatic conditions.

Greek yoghurt & Fruit Parfait

Greek yoghurt & fruit parfait is a healthy and delicious breakfast to start your day. Parfait is a French-style dessert made by layering whipped creme, ice-cream and fruits. Nowadays in restaurants and cafe, it is served as healthy breakfast by substituting the creme by plain yoghurt or greek style yoghurt. It is easily prepared in minutes by layering the greek yoghurt, fruits and granola in layers in a clear transparent glass cup. The addition of smooth and creamy yoghurt, crunchy granola and the fresh fruits impart different textures, refreshing flavours and taste.

Upma Kozhukattai / Steamed Rice Dumplings

Upma Kozhukattai or Steamed rice dumplings is a simple yet tasty breakfast / dinner item. It is made from broken rice also called rice rava. It is very similar to rice upma /arisi upma with subtle variations. This popular South Indian breakfast / dinner recipe and is traditionally served with brinjal gotsu / sambar / chutney.

Methi Pulav

Methi Pulav is a nutritious and flavourful one pot meal, perfect for travel and lunch boxes. The methi leaves or fenugreek leaves are a powerhouse of nutrition since they are rich in iron, Vitamin C, A and other minerals. It has myriad of health benefits, including regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol. Methi leaves have a slight bitter taste which can be over powered by adding the right amount of spices & following few tricks and tips. There are several ways to include this nutritious methi leaves in the diet (Methi paratha, Methi adai, Methi millet adai/dosa, Methi raita, Methi Kootu, Methi masiyal, Methi sambar& much more) . Today’s recipe, Methi pulav is prepared by tossing the cooked rice along with methi masala paste and some spices.

Crispy Honey Chilli Cauliflower /Gobi

Honey chilli gobi / Honey Chilli Cauliflower is a trendy Indo-Chinese starter that is served in restaurants. It is a perfect starter to munch over on a cold winter evening. It can also be served in parties or any occasion as a starter or as a side dish for fried rice / pulav rice. The cauliflower florets are dipped in a batter, deep fried and tossed in a mixture of honey and chilli sauce. The sweetness from honey and the spiciness from green chillies & chilli paste definitely is a treat to the palettes. The crispy and glossy finish of the florets definitely looks appealing and appetizing.

Palak/ Spinach Adai

Adai is a healthy tiffin variety from South India. It is made by soaking and grinding some definite proportion of rice, lentils and chillies. Most of the South Indian tiffin varieties have a large proportion of rice that contributes to the bulk of carbs in vegetarian diet. Since adai has a large proportion of lentils, it is a healthier breakfast / dinner option. The best part of this tiffin variety is that it doesn’t require fermentation. Apart from the regular lentils, I have added some white and black kidney beans (karamani ) for better taste, crunchiness & nutrition. The addition of chopped palak /spinach leaves to the batter makes it a wholesome, flavourful, colourful and nutritious meal.

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